New Old Stock

8" Chicken Plate

12" Mandelin Wall Pocket

Tall Skinny Vases

6" Celadon Fish Plate

10" Celadon Fish Plate

3" Set of 4 Dressed Dogs

15" Fluted Vase

(Asst. Colors)

15" Fluted Vase

(Asst. Colors)

Bird Wall Pocket

4" Black & White Dog Figure

6" Spaghetti Poodles

(Asst. Colors)

Cow Creamer

3" Duck Sugar & Creamer

9" 3 Section Duck Serving Dish

7" Duck Plate

Duck Planter

Small Duck Tureen

9" 2 Section Duck Plate

Peach / Orange Condiment Jar

6" Angel w/ Present

12 4" Indian Girls (Asst. Styles)

Large White Swan Planter

9" Long Dog S&P Set

3" Man & Woman S&P Set

9" Long Cat S&P Set

6" Toby Jugs

6" Horse Lamp Base

7" Manface Cookie Jar

6" Figural Deer Lamp Base

3" Man Face Sugar & Creamer 

5" Man Face Mugs

5" White Venetian Candy Dish

10" Venetian Blue Footed Vases

6" 3 Piece Green Perfume Sets

4" Angels Dancing

5" Man Face Teapot

17" Clay Umbrella Holders

Gold Lamp Part

20" Tall

7" Confetti Colored Lamp Globes

8" Baskets

Misc. Alabaster Lamp Parts

Small White Teddy Bear

6" Figurines w/ Flower Umbrellas

2 Piece Yellow Capo Bowl & Tureen

9" Frog Flower

Nativity Papermache

Black & White Rooster

11" Capo Vase

17"H & 19"H Small Double Rose Capo

15" White Capo Vase

8" Green Vase Lamp Base

Pink Rose Trinket Box

Blue Uhl Ball Jug

Black Uhl Ball Jug

Floral Candle Stick Holders

(Asst. Colors)

Daisy Compote

12" David Statue

8" David Statue

Oriental Resin Vase

8" Primavera Lady Statue

White Dog w/ Cart

5" Donkey 2 Basket Planter

Bottle Vase

White Capo De Monte Rose Candle Holder

Stylised Rooster Planter

5" 2 Men w. Coach

Pair of Brass Candle Stick Holders

Capo De Monte Basket Dish

Large Blue/Green Planter

Capodimonte Yellow Rose Dish

Small Assorted Rose Lamp Parts

Large Fluted Light Base

8" Pink Finial Covered Casserole Dish

Crab Dish

Pointsetta Cookie Jar

5" White Venetian Glass Dish

Orange & Nut Marmmalaid Dish

Large Frosted Light Shade

20" Assorted Colored Toparies

4" White Floral Candle Holder

Small & Large Poodle Pen Holder

Very Large Poodle Creamer

6" Green Majolica Ashtray

Small Alabaster Birdbath

6" Frosted Etched Lamp Shade

7" Tye Dye Mojolica Teapot

8" Ladies w. Big Dress

11" Venician Glass Vase

(Asst. Colors)

14" Green Capo Vases

8" Cigarette Sets

Large 7" Cookie Jar

Small Cookie Jar

12" & 15" Corn Pitcher

7" Crown Ashtray

Large Yellow Alabaster Ashtray

6" Holy Water

14" Vase w/ Birds

(Asst. Colors)

3" Pig w. Piglets Statue

Round Lamp Bases

Black Poodle Creamer

Sm. & Lg. Dog w. Butterfly on Tail

5" Floral Handpainted Ashtrays

(Asst. Colors)

Urn w. Flowers

White Compote

Tall 13" Glasses

Small Houses

" Victorian Figures

4" Green Pepper Condiment Dish

Small & Large Poodle Teapot

Floral Sugar & Creamer

8" Blue Alabaster Ashtray

10" Cherub Lamp Base

4" Small Boots

6" Woven Pottery Spain Baskets

Assorted Foral Fan Plates

Boy w. Bird Planter

7" Assorted Boy w. Base

Small Poodle Sugar

5" Green Venetian Ashtray w. Mortar

10" Large Alabaster Ashtrays

2" Glass Wall Lamp Parts

8" George Washington Figure

White Compote w. Lid

Small Venetian White Baskets

Green Hats

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